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About Us


WIMWIsure is bridging the technology gap and providing solutions to for the general insurers and their service providers to expedite policy issuance and streamline after-sale services using Blockchain enabled solutions.

WIMWIsure was founded by Ravinder Kumar (MBA – IIM Ahmedabad, 14-16) and Dr. Preet Deep Singh (PhD – IIM Ahmedabad, 13-17) with a vision to create a Blockchain based open and immutable digital identity platform for all the vehicles in India. The platform will enable p2p communication among multiple parties and devices and equip the vehicle manufacturers, financiers, insurers, spare-part manufacturers and service providers to provide customized solutions, products and pricing based on data-driven business models.


The automotive industry is venturing into an era of technology which will not only transform the working model of the vehicle manufacturers but will also witness fundamental changes to the current business models.With new possibilities in the automobile market, manufacturers need to implement new and disruptive technologies to stay at the forefront of the digital transformation. The vehicle in the future will need to interact with their surrounding in new ways. This will require a platform to enable integrated service delivery and transactions among multiple digital devices. IDSure - Our digital identity platform will enable automation by real-time and transparent validation of transactions and store data from vehicle inspections, repairs and telematics devices on Blockchain platform to transform service offering for an automobile.

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Our Products

WIMWIsure is currently providing technology cum services solutions for vehicle inspection and damage assessment for leading motor insurers. The B2B platform helps the insurers to conduct credible risk identification, reduce inspection and claim processing time by up to 70% and save up to 40% on existing cost for such services.


For: Vehicle Inspections

Selling Points: Fraud detection and time savings; Block-chain enabled Quality Reports

Users: Surveyors, Field Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Inspection Agencies


For: Claims Management

Selling Points: Faster and transparent claim settlements with real-time assessments and approvals

Users: Loss Accessors, Underwriting teams, Garages, Customers

Our Team

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Preet Deep Singh

Co-founder & Director: Strategy

Mr. Jeevan Aggarwal

Director: BD & Client Relationship

Mr. Gautam Kumar

Director: Product & Technology


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