AI Enabled Insurance Services Platform

About Us

WIMWIsure is bridging the technology gap using Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions for the general insurers and their service providers to implement new and disruptive products and stay at the forefront of the digital transformation by expediting policy issuance and streamlining after-sale services.

Our Products

WIMWIsure's computer vision and data analytics solutions provide an integrated platform to enable sales, distribution and service delivery for the digital age insurers.

The current solutions transform the product offerings of the Motor Insurers to interact with their customers. The products evaluate risk and losses on a real-time basis using automation and machine learning to provide instant validation of information from vehicle inspections, repairs, vehicle databases and claim settlements.


For: Instant Insurance Quotes


For: On-demand Vehicle Inspections


For: Fully Automated Claims Management


For: Instant IDV Calculations

Our Team

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Founder and CEO

Mr. Pramodh Yellapu

Director: Technology

Mr. Jeevan Aggarwal

Director: BD & Client Relationship

Mr. Gautam Kumar

Director: Product

We are Growing!

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